Japhou Bazar closed in view of high risk of Covid-19 infection

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Japhou Bazaar Authority, Chandel has Tuesday enforced a total shutdown of all shops in the market area with immediate effect after five more persons were found Covid-19 in the district and a high risk of community transmission was felt.

In a press release the authority stated that the action was chosen in an attempt to prevent further spread of the virus. All the shop owners within Zaphou bazaar have been directed to shut down their businesses with immediate effect. No customers should be entertained any at cost and allowing entry of the customers at the back door and opening walk-up windows have been strictly prohibited. The authority has warned that any shop owner violating the directive will be penalized heavily at an appropriate time.

The press release conveyed that the bazaar authority was compelled to take up the stringent measure after studying the unabated events where Covid-19 cases have significantly increased in the state, including Chandel district that has witnessed two deaths so far. Further, the Japhou Bazaar Authority appealed to the general public to comply with Covid-19 SOPs and if possible avoid visiting Japhou bazaar for some days until the situation improves, except for medical emergency and other essential services as permissible under existing government order.

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