JAC demands immediate necessary action

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IMPHAL: The joint action committee (JAC) against life attempt and gun firing at Laishram Rojit Singh and Thokchom Promod has demanded state government to take up immediate necessary action upon the two culprits namely Laishram Herojit and Laishram Naoba alice Arun Kumar and the personals related in the incident within 24 hours.

Briefing media person at Manipur Press club at Majorkhul, the JAC convenor Maibam Thomthin Meitei said that  Laishram Rojit Singh and Thokchom Promod was randomly attacked from behind with gun and stick while they were buying eatable pan in one   grocery shop of Heirok Part 2 Devi Mantop Leikai at around 9:30 pm

The JAC Convenor said that FIR were launched at Heirok police station but unfortunately delayed by enquiring unnecessary interogation by the concern O. C.Ningthoujam Premjit claiming of not  hearing a gunshot even the incident was happened nearby the police station.The JAC has further demanded to a state government to draw attention on their demand and also keeping trust  in the leadership of N. Biren Singh which is serving with sincerity hoping that it will be effective drawing his attention for necessary legal action upon the culprits within the said time if failed to conduct the legal action JAC will be launch any types of strong agitation in future.

He added that they have no any idea about the suddened attacked and said that so far they have no crisis  created between them earlier nor any unhappiness agenda on political scenario.the culprits wear all covered with masked,but Hirojit and Naoba were recognized after some confrontation took place between them to save themselves.

He stated that the six bullet fire by Hirojit was luckily all missed using the gun of police departments which is issued in 1996.The two used empty cas and two unfired bullet found was display to media person as evidence which was found at the incident spot with a support of video footage from CCTV camera witnessing the incidents

Hirojit and Naoba were came know as a driver and mohori of Thokchom Sanathoi which is the younger brother of Education minister Thokchom Radheshyaam where as the two victim Rojit Singh is the driver of rural development and panchayati raj of Heirok part 2 bajar mamang while Promod is a constable serving in police department of Heirok part 3 lammari fhangpa leikai

The JAC convenor further mentioned that Heirok was once a Peaceful existing land but it seems to change alot for three years back creating so many issue of violence in a dictatorship manners also questionable that with so many force like 300 SPO, one police station and one BSF post stationed how come up violence and discrimination happened in the locality. He added.

The JAC further demanded the state government to issued  a license gun with a low price so that they can find out the culprits which the concern department didn’t able to catch.

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