Inter Club Player Transfer/Loan

Inter Club Player Transfer/Loan

TMB Report

Imphal: A total of twenty three players including 21 players of Imphal East district and 2 players of Imphal West district have applied for Inter Club Player transfer/loan on Thursday.

The players who applied for leaving their previous clubs to new clubs from Imphal East District Football Association are A. Rishan (AIM) to NEROCA FC, L. David (RAU) to NEROCA FC, Syed Viju Oasim (KIYC) to XI-Star, Abid Khan (BSU) to KSDC, M. Gulzar Ahamad (AIM) to ABA, Y. David (NESU) to ABA, L. Ajay (RAU) to ABA, P. Shahil (SSC) to KSDC, Md. Nawaz Khan (UPAA) to KSDC, Md. Atiqur (ABA) to KSDC, Md. Sana (AIM) to NEROCA FC, Md. Isra Khan (PYA) to NEROCA FC, Md. Soheb Khan (PYA) to NEROCA FC, Md. Ejaz (BSU) to KSDC, Md. Rohit Ali (NESU) to KSDC, N. James (AIM) to NEROCA FC, L. Gobin (AIM) to NEROCA FC, M. Sushil (RAU) to NEROCA FC, Th. Naocha (RAU) to NEROCA FC, Md. Raj Shah (YOSC) to KSDC and Liomsanthang (PYA) to KSDC.

Two players from Imphal West District Association are Maibam Suraj (NISC) to SCK and Ch. Gambir (MSC) to YAC.

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