Inner Line Permit System without proper provision is toothless: JCILPS

Inner Line Permit System without proper provision is toothless: JCILPS

5th death anniversary of Robinhood observed

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IMPHAL: The people of Manipur has no reason to be happy regarding the implementation of Inner Line Permit System (ILPS) under the Eastern Bengal Frontier Regulation, as it is a toothless act bereft of proper provisions to safeguard the indigenous people in the state said Convenor of JCILPS Yk. Dhiren on Wednesday.

He was speaking to media persons at the side of the 5th death anniversary observation of S. Robinhood also known as “Lamjing Meira Numit” at Lamjing Meira Ching, Awaching, Imphal east on Wednesday.

He further said that under the initiative of JCILPS along with the full participation of thousands of stakeholders of Manipur, a movement was launched to enforce a law for the protection of indigenous people in the State. On his day in 2015, Robinhood sacrificed his life for the cause of the indigenous people and the day has been observed ever since in remembrance of his contribution, he said.

He further said that as per the Gazette notification issued by the Manipur government under a directive from the India government for the implementation of ILP in the state, the ILP was fully implemented on December 31, 2019 in the state.

Because there is no provision of defining indigenous people, also the non-inclusion of any base year for demarcation of domicile status, it makes little sense even after the implementation of ILP. What the JCILPS is demanding is that the non-Manipuris who have come after 1951 are not to be given permanent residency excluded in voter list, and not allow selling or purchasing any land. The movement was to safeguard the minority groups which have less numbers like the indigenous communities in Manipur, Dhiren said.

If the state government does not include proper provision to judiciously define who comprise the indigenous people and enter a base year at the earliest, it will be like an invitation to another movement, he stated. It is the right time to deeply discuss with the people in the state about the divide and rule policies in practice among the different communities, he said while expressing a strong opposition to the delimitation to be done based on the 2001 census report disregarding the census as based on abnormal census data. He gave an opinion that the delimitation should be conducted after acceptable population data ratio so that there is no any disorder between the hills and valley. He appealed to the government that the delimitation can only be done after proper forming of Manipur Population Commission and right census report.

He also further appealed to people in the state to extend full support in order to make the full implementation of ILP effective in the State.

The officials of Joint Committee Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) along with Robinhood’s family members, relatives, volunteers of student bodies and others paid their homage by offering floral tributes and partaking in other rituals during the observation.

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