Indian Black Turtle released at natural habitat

Indian Black Turtle released at natural habitat

TMB Report

Thoubal: An Indian black turtle (Melanochelys Trijuga) was released safety in its natural habitat on Wednesday.

The turtle was handed over by one Kh. Gopen Singh of Thongam Khunou.

After the release of the turtle, N. Munal Meitei, Range Officer/Kakching told that this medium size turtle is in Schedule IV of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and near threatened as per IUCN list.

The species whose size varies from 38 to 45 cm is most active during early morning and evening, spending most of the day basking in the sun. It is omnivorous, with its diet ranging from aquatic plants to aquatic insects and carrion and thus it is a very useful amphibian in terms of insect control.

The Indian black turtle breeds during the wet season, between August to October with two to six eggs per year laid in burrows and the incubation period is for 60–65 days, Munal told.

N. Munal Meitei also thanked Kh. Gopen Singh for handing over the turtle to Forest Department, Manipur.

Instead of handing over it, if he had killed the turtle or sell it for some money, then he may be punished with a fine for Rs. 25000 or an imprisonment for a term of 3 years or with both. Therefore N. Munal requested everyone to help to save the wildlife for the sake of our future generation and also for a beautiful planet.

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