Indian Association of Lawyers, Manipur condemns

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IMPHAL: Indian Association of Lawyers Manipur Chapter has expressed strong reservation against some highly influential persons breaking the laws in the middle of the ongoing high alert over the Covid-19 outbreak while the general people who are living through an unprecedented period of suffering have the sense to continue giving cooperation to the government measures.

General Secretary of the Indian Association of Lawyers Manipur Chapter Kh. Shamungou stated in a press release citing newspapers reports that on the intervening nights of April 18 and 19, some police personnel who are assigned on escort duty of a minister arrived at Mantripukhri and attempted to take away day to day needed products by using brute force. Police personnel of Imphal East district deployed there were rendered helpless to deal with the situation as they were aware that assailants have the backing of an influential person. Consequently, they informed I/E SP H. Jogeshchandra who reached there immediately. According to the account of the lawyer’s body the concerned minister also reached the spot and took on Jogeshchandra’s intervention by justifying the coercive act of his guards. Eventually, the minister assailed over the opposition after an argument and took away the consignment. 

 He fired a series of questions on all directions asking the government, ‘’whether the act of the minister was unlawful in such present context and situation?’’, ‘’whether the press media really have no knowledge about identity of the minister involved in the crime; or else scared of disclosing the same to the public?”, “under what circumstances the S.P. Imphal East or the state police were unable to register case and book the culprits?”, ‘’whether the state government machineries like CAF& PD and other concerned authorities have failed to control and streamline marketing of essential commodities and fixing its market price?” and “whether the minister involved has got legal authority to act against the law enforcing agency?” 

The press release further claimed on the basis of highly placed source that some wholesalers, dealers and stockists of essential commodities in collusion with highly influential persons, VIPs, ministers, etc. are indulging in anti-social, nefarious and unlawful activities like marketing of such items in the black market at the cost of public lives by taking advantages of the grim situation. It acknowledged the efforts of the Chief Minister of the state for perceiving the nefarious activities and beefing up security measures to check recurrence of such activities in the general interest.

Indian Association of Lawyers Manipur Chapter urged the government that such unlawful activities should be checked forthwith especially in the context of the present situation and demanded a probe into the incident predicting that otherwise the general masses could raise its voice.

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