Ibudhou Puthiba Shanglen inaugurated

Ibudhou Puthiba Shanglen inaugurated

Parents need to encourage their children in taking up positive work: Karam Shyam

TMB Report

Imphal: MLA of Langthabal AC Karam Shyam has said that parents need to encourage their children in taking up positive works. Such encouragement will lead our children into a better future generation, he said.

The MLA made the statement at the inaugural function of the newly constructed Ibudhou Puthiba Shanglen at Lilong Chajing Mairenkhong on Sunday.

The MLA further said that parents need to guide their children and think how they will or can become good sons and daughters.

With such thoughts, we have to and need to encourage our children if they are taking up positive work for the society.

If we do not encourage our children, they will not feel or have the ambiance to work, it’s the intention, the feeling and eagerness to take up positive work which is needed, he added.

The MLA also said that we need to make our children have the feeling to take up positive work, extend help to the destitute families or persons, be kind hearted and work for the welfare of the society, only then we the parents will bear the fruits of giving birth to our children.

Members of the Lai Committee, son of the MLA Karam Gulmeet @ Rupachandra, who funded for the construction and other imminent persons of Lilong Chajing Mairenkhong area attended the inaugural function.

Karam Gulmeet said that the construction work was taken up with the help of the members of Lai committee as the Sanglen is taken one of the important worship God by the people of the area.

Gifts were also presented to members of the Lai Committee and people who have taken an active role in the construction work of the Sanglen.

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