I am Nathuram Godse and I killed Gandhi

Today , January 30, 2020 marks the 72nd death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi the Father of the Nation. It was on this very day in 1948, just about five months after Gandhi led India to freedom after almost two centuries under British Rule, he was shot dead by Nathuram Godse, a Hindu nationalist ; Godse fired three bullets into the Mahatma’s chest while he was on his way to address a prayer meeting. For a man who left his high profile job as a lawyer, left all the richness and worldly pleasures and walked the whole country barely covered in a piece of cloth and gave India the freedom it has been fighting for, three bullets to the chest was what he received.

Through his years of struggle and fight for India’s freedom, if there was one weapon that he used and was successful it was Satyagraha or what is commonly known as Non- Violence. It was a weapon that he used for his fight to get India independent, a weapon that he used earlier during his struggles in South Africa. Besides that, what he had was a walking stick and the whole of India behind him. Though munity, protests and wars had been fought before his join the freedom struggle, it was Gandhi that brought India together under one roof to fight to freedom. For the first time, the British saw that there was a man who was uniting India against them after all their policy of divide and rule.

The British saw that here was a man who had no machineries, no weapons of mass destruction but rather a walking stick and the whole India behind him; they soon knew Gandhi was bigger threat that all the kings, emperors and war lords they faced before him. For they fought only for the kingdom, empire or land and could not unite the whole country but here was a man who was doing the thing they never expecting uniting India and fighting against them. Sadly despite his fight, struggles and finally giving India the freedom they have always fought for Mahatma Gandhi was shot and killed by his own an Indian. For a man, who gave his all for the nation and spoke of love, peace and non -violence, he died a violent dead, in blood.

And here was stand today on the threshold of a new century, fighting for our own survival amidst the chaos we ourselves have created. The teaching of Gandhi, that of love, peace and non-violence does not exist anymore; there is chaos, there is turmoil, there is war, there is bloodshed and we need to be free once again. There is a need for Gandhi to lead us into freedom from all these once again. As in the Bollywood movie “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” if Gandhi were to be alive today he would be saddened and depressed by the way we have destroyed our own country. He would not want to live here anymore nor would he want to lead us to any freedom struggle. For we have destroyed the very foundation of our country, of our very families beyond repairable. For we have killed the Gandhi (again) for once and for all we are all Nathuram Godse.                  

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