HTC, Moreh appeals CM for conclusion to Lhukhosei Zou case

HTC, Moreh appeals CM for conclusion to Lhukhosei Zou case

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IMPHAL: The Hill Tribal Council (HTC), Moreh has appealed to the Chief Minister to bring to conclusion the case involving Lhukhosei Zou at the earliest in the best interest of the latter’s wife, children and the people and protested tagging him as a drug lord all along.

A press release of HTC on Saturday stated that the Lhukhosei Zou will also see his faith smile one day and like Nelson Mandela will be freed from jail despite the strong objection against him.

“It is also another Halleluiyah if Lhukhosei Zou is the only accused in the kingdom of drugs of Manipur. And is there no other accused party indulged in drugs other than Lhukhosei Zou in Th. Brinda’s diary because she is very active in Lhukhosei Zou’s case only … it is high time for the government to do the needful and bring justice,” the release added.

The HTC charged that Th. Brinda is engaged in politics much filthier than the present political scenario in the Lhukhosei Zou case and referring to her as a third class police officer claimed that Lhukhosei Zou, the former chairman ADC, Chandel was influenced by her into becoming a drug lord.

The HTC also criticized Brinda for allegedly ‘branding every high ranking tribal officers as quota oriented people,’ and claimed that she is challenging the three machineries of the government namely Executive, Judiciary and Legislature.

The Congress party was also charged of adding fuel to the fire, maintaining that the party had gone to the extent of luring innocent students and youths to stage dharnas and urging the handover of the Lhukhosei Zou case to the CBI. “Fine, if the Congress party is so much against nefarious activities like drug trafficking, then why did not they react to the drug menace when they were in power for 15 years. The Congress should wash off their dirty faces before they urge others to wash off their faces, the statement added.

The council has raised serious charges that some boys who were putting up with Lhukosei Zou at his quarters in Lamphel were arrested and remanded to police custody on that fateful evening. While the boys were in the police custody, Th. Brinda reportedly intruded into the lock-up where they were being kept and tried to manipulate the boys to making confessions that the drugs seized by police belongs to Lhukhosei Zou, and promised Rs. 5 lacs each along with a government job for their compliance.

The boys flatly refused because not a single piece of drug was seized from Lhukhosei Zou’s custody. Therefore, it is evident that the whole drama was self-managed as she was very keen to tarnish the image of the public leader, HTC, Moreh asserted in the note.

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