HSA expresses concern on Zomi Chief Association’s statement

HSA expresses concern on Zomi Chief Association’s statement

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Hmar Students’ Association (HSA) general headquarters has regretted that the Zomi Chief Association has digressed from the agreement reached between apex tribal bodies not to give a communal tone to the Tuithapi incident by writing to the Union Home Minister on the matter.

In a press release, the HSA stated that in the following days after the agreement between the Hmar lnpui and Paite Tribe Council on the Tuithapi incident, the issue was made public through the press and various social media as a result of the Zomi Chief Association correspondence to the Union Home Minister calling for the arrest of Sanga Hmar, C-in-C of HPC (D), a SoO group, on Thursday.

HSA mentioned that when the apex tribal bodies had collectively agreed to maintain social harmony and not to give communal tone to the incident, ZCA’s communiqué to the Home Minister was a negation of the shared goodwill and trust that was secured on August 28, 2020.

Further, it expressed that the case has been taken up by the concerned authorities of the district as well as the State, and dragging such local matters into the domain of the Union Home Minister is a contempt to the same actors and ignorance on the part of the addressors, the HSA observed.

The consensus secured between the Hmar Inpui and the Paite Tribe Council ought to be honored and respected by any other subordinate body/organization as it was done in the interest of securing peace and social harmony. Any other digression stands to question the sanctity, unity and integrity of our apex body, the association stated. In the pursuit of interest of peace and social harmony, the HSA appealed that any organization privy to the present problem should respect and uphold the consensus duly agreed between Hmar Inpui and Paite Tribe Council.

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