HPC (D) clarifies over incidents with Thanlon MLA

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI: The Hmar People’s Convention (D), an entity of Suspension of Operation and Tripartite Political Talks with the State and Centre Government clarified the incidents on April 25 and 26 with Thanlon MLA Vungjagin Valte over the alleged missing of 72 bags of rice entitled to six villages.

John L Hmar, Secretary, Information and Publicity of the outfit said that it is true that Vungzagin Valte, as the Member of Legisative Assemble of Thanlon, represents the entire population of his constituency and the fact that there are 6 (Six) Hmar Villages viz. Pherzawl, Tinsuong, Talan, Damdiei, Serhmun and Leisen in Thanlon Constituency with significant population should never be ignored.

He continued that HPC(D) sincerely supported Vungzagin Valte in the last assembly election which resulted in his win and it [HPC-D] still extend the same support and co-operation till today, however the crisis resulted out of the COVID-19 menace has left the above mention Hmar Villages with acute food shortages, depriving them of their share of basic necessities that comes under their Constitutional rights.

He also said that Vungzagin Valte remained absent from his Constituency which compelled the outfit General Secretary, Isaac Hmar and his team in visiting the MLA’s residence at Churachandpur town on April 25 to apprise him of the state of neglect and deprivation.

The outfit General Secretary intervened to question about the whereabouts of the missing 72 bags of rice entitled to the 6 (six) Villages, he said and added that the outfit General Secretary Isaac Hmar also hails from Tinsuong Village while he and his family along with hundreds of villagers from Thanlon Constituency are still caught in Churachandpur town with the lockdown.

He further said that Vungzagin Valte ought to look into the welfare of the hundreds of villagers of his Constituencyy who are still trapped in Churachandpur town under the lockdown while adding that the outfit cannot reason with the MLA as he twisted the event as an act of “Extortion and Demand” and further threaten our cadres that they will be arrested by the Police if they do not apologies.

John L Hmar also alleged that Vungzagin employed his security guards who are state and non-state actors to forcefully tender our cadres public apology.

Our gentlemen approach was shamelessly thwarted, however, the concern authorities should immediately look into the shameless high handedness exercise by the MLA, he said adding that HPC(D) cannot understand the entitlement failure currently face by the 6 (six) Hmar Villages and the missing 72 bags of rice which inevitably pushed the deprived villagers into a more vulnerable state.

He also wondered as to how the entitle share of the Hmar villages went missing while asking that are there systematic differences, if not preferences in this challenging time?

The outfit Information and Publicity Secretary further said that Valte approached pointed to the fact that he is unfortunately very communal and lost in the sink of localism and tribalism.

The outfit also cautioned that if Thanlon MLA does not set his unwanted mentality the it will not remained a mere spectator.

It also said that being currently under Suspension of Operation (SoO) with the Centre and the Manipur state Government, we are obliged to adhere to the ground rules.

However, the 72 bags of rice that is still missing remains our entitlement rights, our constitutional right and the outfit take note of this very seriously, it added.

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