How come tobacco products are transported during lockdown, Ningol Heirok Club asks

TMB Report

Imphal: Ningol Club Heirok has commended Luwangshangbam Mamang Leikai Apunba Meirabi and others who helped in the confiscation and destruction of large amount of tobacco products worth crores of rupees from a residence at Luwangshangbam.

In a press release issued by Ningol Heirok Secretary Publicity Sushma Ningthoujam, it was stated that the due to the contribution of Luwangshangbam Mamang Leikai Apunba Meira Paibi in ruining the intoxicants, the teenagers and society have been spared from health hazards that result from the consumption tobacco products including cancer.

The incident came into light when local people of Luwangshangbam Mamang Leikai saw a suspicious truck moving in the early morning being escorted by IRB personnel and driving driven inside the residence of Laishram ongbi Purnima Devi, wife of Laishram Birchandra, which later turned out to be a large quantity of tobacco products.

During this critical Covid-19 related situation, with strict imposition of lockdown, it is a matter of great concern and the people ought to know as to how and why such activities are carried out with the involvement of IRB personnel who were guarding the vehicle. The outright question that comes into the mind of common people is whether political leaders were involved, as suspicion is strong.

The Ningol Club’s statement asked if the busted products were property of a civilian and how the consignment could have been shifted with the participation of state’s security personnel. It did not help matter that there was a rumour of an MLA being the owner of the large quantity of tobacco products, mentioned in the press release.

Ningol Club Heirok stated that the trust put on the present government’s campaign of “War on Drugs” by the people in the state seems to have gradually faded when such large quantities of tobacco products were found to have been brought with security personnel as escorts. The incident has sprouted suspicious thoughts on the possible involvement of a known personality who could generate political might, it added.

The unsuccessful execution of laws and act imposed to ban harmful products has led to dire consequences for many youths in the state. And therefore, domestic violence and crime have risen, added the press release.

It was further stated that amidst the prohibition imposed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (tobacco control) on the consumption of tobacco products, as well as the stringent restriction laid out to counter the overwhelming threats of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the owner of the tobacco products who deliberately tried to take advantage of panic situation with the help of outsiders is comparable to blood sucking demons. The club castigated the persons involved in exploitation of the grave situation calling them as the enemy of the people who are waging a war against narco-chemical warfare in the state.

The Ningol Heirok Club urged the state government to give punishment to culprits of all the previous drug haul cases and stick to commitment to raise a healthy and prosperous society.

Therefore, it is demanded that justice should be delivered, even if the owner of the large tobacco items consignment happens to be among those closely related with politicians in the state, the release stated.

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