Home guard employees demand implementation of new pay structure

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Manipur Home Guard Employees Welfare Association (MHGEWA) has appealed to the state government and other concerned authority to issue an order to fully implement the minimum salary as directed by the Court room no.4 of High Court of Manipur.

The statement was said during a press meet held at Manipur Press Club on Friday.

Addressing to media persons, president of MHGEWA Y. Mangi Singh said that the long pending demand regarding “Minimum of Pay of home guard personnel for the last five years has been brought to a final judgment vide an order by the Court Room no.4 Justice MV Muralidaran, High Court of Manipur on January 22, 2020 which is to get Rs. 18, 688 including basic, grade pay, TA and washing allowance. In the judgment, it is was stated that the rectified salary should implemented from this month of January and the High Court further ordered start implementing the new minimum pay structure within 8 weeks starting from the current month.

The MHGEWA extended their gratefulness to High Court Justice MV Muralidaran Court Room no. 4 for bringing a final solution to the five year long pending matters of minimum and showed his grateful words to Senior Advocate M. Hemchandra Singh and his junior advocate colleagues, who come to fought the case for the last many years.

He appealed to the state government to issue an order for implementation of the new pay structures of home guard personnel as directed by the high court without any delay considering the inconvenience and suffering faced by the personnel and their families and also urged the state government to remove the battalion commandant, which they have been demanding for a year, mentioning that the post is also against the act and rules of home guard. Because of existing a battalion commandant, half of the home guard personnel do not come to duty. The battalion commandant and some personnel’s have shared the duty allowance of home guard personnel who is not on duty. Regarding this matter, the welfare association has appealed to the state government in the past but there has been no action till date. He further appealed to state government to look into the matters at the soonest.

He also further appealed to the concerned authority to look into the matters of home guard and also appealed to some individuals to stop involving in such activities if they want to serve their service for a long period. It is said that if they do not stop such activities, the welfare association will take legal help for a further action.

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