HMRG expresses concerns on issues of hills and valley

HMRG expresses concerns on issues of hills and valley

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IMPHAL: The Hao Mee Research Group (HMRG) has asserted that if communities from both hills and valleys focus their mind on effective discussion at the community level on their origins through correct researching and understanding, a better Kangleipak will be in the offing for the coming generations.   

HMRG, in a press release issued by its chairman S.Robin, stated that the spirit of youths among the both hills and valley in the modern times have imbibed a picture of everlasting differences between the hills and valley eventually, primarily as a result of the radically revolutionized world and accompanying transformative narration of history in the society.     

The release also appealed to the state government to include related chapters on commonality of both hills and valleys in the school syllabus for the good of the future generations to come.

Meanwhile, the HMRG expressed its concern regarding the continued negligence of the administration over the claim of geographical identification on behalf of Luirum/Leirum phee after the unfortunate episode when it came to be known that the clothing was recently commercialized successfully in the state of U.P as Barabanki Modi Gamcha. The directorate of handloom and textiles of Manipur was served a notification in various print media for objection and suggestion from the citizens of the state on December 3, 2019 for utilizing Leirum Phee into Lengyang Phee for official use and other purposes.

However,in response to the notification, the general secretary of TNL (a Tangkhul apex body) Vareingam Gachui illustrated the use of the particular shawl in the traditional practices and customs of Tangkhul. The same clothing was also used by kings and village authority and at marriage ceremonies.

It continued to mention that the use of Leirum Phee was recorded in the books of ancient Meitei too and its association throughout the history of the Meetei is well chronicled. The claims from both communities on the original creation of Leirum Phee are probably genuine, which also could be one of the lost strings that ties the oneness of communities of the hills and valley, he added.

He maintained that both the hills and valley brethrens have the same religion before they adopted Christianity and Hindu religions respectively. HMRG said it wishes to bring more understanding and closeness among the two communities by learning from the case of Modi Gamcha.

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