Historic SC Verdict on Anti-Defection Law Slap on BJP Regime: Congress

Historic SC Verdict on Anti-Defection Law Slap on BJP Regime: Congress

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IMPHAL: AICC General Secretary (NE in charge) Gourav Gogoi said that the recent verdict of the Supreme court directing the Manipur Legislative Speaker to decide on Congress legislature’s disqualification under Anti-defection law within for weeks is a slap to the BJP regime which is running a dirty politics in the country.

The AICC leader stated this while addressing the Block Congress Committee meeting held at Kodompokpi Maning leikai on Wednesday.

Gogoi said that the historic verdict of the Supreme Court has exposed the dirty politics of BJP government in the country. BJP should be ashamed of this.

CLP leader Okram Ibobi has done a remarkable job by bringing a historic SC verdict in the country on Anti-defection law. In my opinion, the histiric SC verdict has clearly exposed the dirty politics of the BJP regime. It is a slap on BJP, he said.

North East an indispensable part of India. Different communities are settling in the states of this region. Keeping in view of NE’s importance, AICC appointed a man from NE as in charge of the region.

Stating that Congress along with the people have been protesting against the anti-people and anti-constitutional policies of the BJP regime, he said that the present government have arrested and detained the people who voted the rulers of the government rather than listening to their voice. BJP which once promised to work for the welfare of the people have threatened them, diktat them. Government should not be afraid of the people. It is supposed to be for the people, he added.

He advised the Congress MLAs never to betray the people citing they voted for them to work for the people but not to betray them.

“People have entrusted you to work for them, not for your self interest. Please remember, Power resides with the people. People have the power to elect you or defeat you”, he cautioned.

CLP leader Okram Ibobi said that the historic SC verdict has clearly proved that the present state BJP government is illegal. Violating tenth schedule, one MLA who got elected on Congress ticket has been made a minister in the BJP led government for three years and Assembly Speaker has failed to take up disqualification proceedings against such a legislator who defected from Congress. Manipur Governor also maligned the sanctity of the constitutional post of a Governor by administering the defected legislator as a minister in the government. The SC verdict is an insult to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home minister Amit shah and leaders of Manipur government who run an illegal government.

Congress is not worried on the ground that it is not in power. Let the BJP be in power and serve the people for long by taking up various development works. However, it is quite disappointing that no visible development is seen during this three years old government. During Congress regime, Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC saw remarkable developments but the AC is in a deplorable condition after having elected a BJP MLA. BJP has ruined the state completely, he added.

Stating that BJP forcibly enacted CAA without paying heed to public voice, he called upon the people to teach a fitting lesion to the dictatorial BJP regime to ensure that the party does not come back to power.

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