HERICOUN raises concerns on govt notification on issuance of ILP

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Ethno Heritage Council (HERICOUN) has stated that despite the visible indication of a huge influx of non-local into the state further complicating the fight to curb Covid-19 which is entering a critical juncture, the notification of the Special secretary (Home) to renew the issuing of ILP passes has perplexed the common people.

In a press release issued by its publicity and propaganda secretary, the organization further brought up the clarification from the chief secretary that labourers from outside states are required to be recruited for execution of different projects pertaining to railways, PHED and other infrastructural development. However, the release made a pertinent recollection of a notion supported by chief minister N Biren at the time of rise of Covid-19 outbreak here that priority is saving our own lives, other activities can be dealt with afterwards.

HERICOUN has heaped criticisms at the present policy of the administration and alleged the decision defies logic. It contended that when the situation was suitable, valuable time was wasted and the rate of progress of projects was tardy. Now, the authorities have developed an urgency to accelerate the activities at the projects when the rainy season and fear over Covid-19 is at its peak. Now, uneducated labourers with no care of SOP belonging to red zones of Covid-19 are being brought into the state. The planning does not appear to be made by anyone commanding intelligence, the release said.

Moreover, all of the requisitioned labourers will have to undergo quarantine at the outset and imagining some of them were found positive of Coronavirus they will be made to undergo a series of tests for months until they fully recover and the state will have to assume responsibility for their treatment. Thus, the administration should immediately revoke this senseless order, HERICOUN demanded. 

Until the uncertain situation passes away, let us stop the entry of people into the state, except the natives and officials on important visits, and abandon the resumption of giving permits under ILP. When stringent measures like total shutdown and curfews have been put into effect and educational and business establishments as well as public gathering are banned the plan to permit non-local labourers to enter the state should be scrapped, it further demanded.

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