HERICOUN denounces outsourcing of 404 RIMS contract employees through GeM

HERICOUN denounces outsourcing of 404 RIMS contract employees through GeM

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IMPHAL: Ethno Heritage Council (HERICOUN) has strongly denounced the decision of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to outsource the 404 contractual employees at the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal through Government e-market (GeM) when the state is passing through a critical time due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Stating that RIMS plays a pivotal role in health care sector in the state, HERICOUN in a statement said that the premiere local medical institute should be made a sacred place for the poor masses and free from corrupt practices and discrimination.

The Covid-19 which is spiraling out of control across the globe has also invaded the tiny state of Manipur, bereft of high tech medical equipment and hospitals. In such a juncture, frontline warriors like Doctors, Nurses and Paramedical staff are combating the Covid-19 pandemic with dedication. HERICOUN said the people are caught in a serious situation which calls for a determined collective fight.

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare director (NE) in a recent reply to a letter informed that the 404 contract employees of RIMS would be outsourced through Government e-market (GeM). Such step of the Ministry is quite unfortunate, HERICOUN said, as it would tantamount to putting a black spot in the history of RIMS.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare undersecretary in aletter on March 18, 2020 clearly granted ex-post facto approval to the 404 contract employees, HERICOUN said and questioned the decision of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare director to outsource the contract staff through GeM, even though ex-post facto approval had earlier been granted to them.

Such decision of the authority has aggrieved the contract employees of RIMS and they have launched a stir. The distressed employees have appealed repeatedly to the authority to protect their rights, HERICOUN stated.

Strongly denouncing the act of victimizing the employees during the Covid-19 pandemic, HERICOUN questioned whether the ministry in cahoots with RIMS authority is carrying out an unscrupulous profit making business.

Before the agitation goes out of hand, RIMS authority should make a clarification in this regard. State Government should also make an intervention at this juncture to save the fortune of the aggrieved employee who have suffered for more than 10 years.

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