Help extended to destitute family

Help extended to destitute family

TMB Report

Bishnupur: As part of the continuous distribution of essential items as a helping hand to the destitute families having hard time due to Covid 19 lockdown, Social worker Thongam Premjit Singh along with volunteers of Mairembam Leikai Youth Club (MLYC) has donated rice bag and monetary help to the family of Mairembam Anand Singh of Moirang Mairembam Leikai, College Gate.

Thongam Premjit Singh, Secretary MLYC S. Bonison and other club members attended the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Mairembam (O) Sunita, spouse of M. Anand, said that she used to run her family by selling vegetables as street vendor at Moirang Bazaar, but since the lockdown she haven’t been able to go to the market instead she has been running her family by selling few vegetables at the corner of the locality.

She said, her husband has also not been able to go to work due to health problems. Her two sister-in-laws are also physically challenged persons and her father-in-law is also getting old and weak.

Sunita thanked Thongam Premjit Singh for extending help to her family at this hard time and prayed Premjit to be able to continue to extend help to the destitute families.

Thongam Premjit said that he was brought up from a very deprived family and there may be many families having hard times and inconveniences due to Covid-19.

Thus, he took the initiative to extend help to most of the destitute families that he came across as a helping hand.

Secretary MLYC S. Bonison also appreciated Thyongam Premjit for this priceless contribution.

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