Health advisor to CM hands over medicines for home isolation inmates

Health advisor to CM hands over medicines for home isolation inmates

TMB Report
IMPHAL: The Advisor (Health) to the Chief Minister Sapam Ranjan has handed over three types of medicines for Covid-19 infected home isolation inmates through their concern district’s Chief Medical Officers (CMO) which were being prescribed to boost up their immune system during the period of home isolation.

While addressing a  press conference held at directorate health, conference hall, Lamphel, the Sapam Ranjan said that the medicine that include antioxidants were to be provided for ten days consecutively to those positive inmates who are permitted with guidelines to be isolated at their homes.

The three medicines are Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) VIT- CE Tablet, one tablet of which is to be taken daily after food for 10 days; Zinc Sulphate Dispersible Tab. IP.20 Mg. Zincofine- 20 DT to be taken once in the morning and once in the evening for 7 days; and CholecalCiferol Soft Gelatin Capsule Calcidoc- D3 which is to be ingested for 4 weeks at a dose of one per week. 

To a query from mediapersons, the Advisor (health) to CM gave assurance to increase the numbers of beds for symptomatic patients who were advised hospitalization. Some specific areas have been identified for the renovation and upgrading, he stated.

He also expressed his satisfaction to citizens for realizing the benefits of home isolation. A group of 681 isolated inmates were discharged among a total of 1088 inmates reducing the count of active cases at home isolation to 407, which is a positive sign, according to Ranjan.

Moreover, he appealed to the people to follow the Covid-19 guidelines strictly through districts CMOs and CSOs supervision and to prioritize on proper awareness for maintaining physical and social distancing and also to wear masks and frequently wash hands, he added.

Further, it sought proper attention from the public to take their responsibilities through understanding the nature of such infectious disease and to confront the Covid-19 collectively in order to reduce the increasing rate of a positive case in the state.

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