<strong>Hand remains found in Maram bazaar, Mao Police on search and investigation</strong>

Hand remains found in Maram bazaar, Mao Police on search and investigation

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Denizens of Maram bazaar were caught by surprise when a dog brought an unusual item right on the road of the bazaar – that of the remains of a human hand.

The hand was reportedly found on December 2, Wednesday at a place near BRTF Mandir, Maram bazaar which is about 35 km (South) from Mao Police Station under Senapati district.

According to the source the personnel from Mao Police Station reportedly reached the spot and retrieved the remains soon after the report reached their office on Wednesday. With the assistance from Assam Rifles and village authority of Maram bazaar, the Mao Police have reportedly launched a search operation in and around the spot but could not find anything till filing of this report.

When asked, Mao Police Station said that there was no report of any missing person filed in the recent past; moreover that there was no clue of any amputee in the recent past from the medical department of the area.

As the identity of the remains has not been determined, a suo motu case has been reportedly registered at the Mao Police Station under U.D. Case No. 4/Mao-PS/2020 under section 174 CTPC for investigation.

Inspector Jonah Raphuba Chawang, OC, Mao Police Station has called on anyone to give any relevant information about the deceased to the Mao Police Station or to the nearest Police Station.

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