Govt not serious on drug menace in the state: IPAK

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Indigenous People’s Association Kangleipak (IPAK) has charged the state government of not taking the drug menace and various related issues seriously, although people who are involved in such nefarious activities are ruining the society in their selfishness and are the real enemy of the society.

In a press release issued by IPAK Assistant Publicity Secretary Khaidem Jonshon, it was stated that these enemies of society who are undergoing trial in drug related cases often engaged in well known tactics of delaying the proceedings and their trials with the connivance of officials working for the authorities.

It was further stated that the people of Manipur have been subjected to multiple forms of exploitation through numerous fake encounters in tandem with gross abuse of drugs and tobacco products for decades.

IPAK stated that it is unfortunate that some leaders of different political parties in the state are identified as being involved in such drug related cases. The state became a market hub for the sale and purchase of drugs, tobacco products and alcohol and the underlying theory is that the politicians are knee deep involved in the dealings of these socially disproved substances in order to stock up the resources for maintaining a winnable vote bank in the elections, it stated.

The government and the authority must erase the footprints of these anti-social elements who are augmenting their income through what they consider as easy ways of earning money by trading in drugs and tobacco products during the present Covid-19 crisis in the state.

IPAK called the attention of the government and the authority to focus up to their optimal level to obliterate the existence of drugs and other intoxicants in the society and save the lives of multiple generations by punishing people involved in the business of contraband items, alcohol and tobacco products.

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