‘Govt has faild to bring an acceptable solution between Kuki and Meitei community over NSU’

‘Govt has faild to bring an acceptable solution between Kuki and Meitei community over NSU’

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IMPHAL: The Valley Village Reserved Forest Rights Protection Association has regretted that none of the assurances given by the government as per the understanding reached between them was executed and the latter has failed to bring an acceptable solution between the Kuki and Meitei communities over the dispute on the site of the National Sports University (NSU).

The association also claimed to have filed an affidavit to fight the case in the court of law as a result of lack of response to any single demands it had made, and failure to fulfill the assurances given by the Chief Minister and the authority concerned.

In a press meet held at the office of the association on Tuesday, its president Angom Tomba gave an explanation that according to Manipur State Durbar resolution No. 10A, 1932 the forest areas of Manipur was divided into four segments as Hill Village Reserves, Valley Village Reserves, State Reserves and Open Reserves etc. Therefore, after the complete process of survey and demarcation of land had undertaken the total area of 33,000 hectare under Valley Village Reserve Forest area have been resided since early days by different communities of the state around and within the parameter protecting forest produces and environment. However, Kuki tribes who have migrated from Burma and cannot even speak a single word of Manipuri languages claimed the areas as hills areas against the recognition as Valley Village Reserves area by the government with a gazette notification published and resolutions made by the State Darbar in 1932.

Angom Tomba further said that as a result of the Valley Village Reserves area being claimed as hills areas by the Kuki community, occurrences of frequent disturbance; life threatening and unwanted incidents are happening between the villagers. For these reasons, the Association submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister of India, Governor of Manipur, Chief Minister, Concern Ministers, MLAs, MP Lok Sabha, Chairman of Boundary Commission and Chairman of Manipur State Human Rights Commission demanding point wise answers for inclusion of Valley Village Reserves area into nearest valley districts while taking up the process of conducting demarcation of land of which surveys were taken up and Dag Chita were given for the settlement for the areas according to Darbar resolution 1932. The second point demanded replacement of the indigenous names of the village sites within the forest areas. The third point demanded the protection of indigenous holy places and religious sites. And finally, there is a demand to conduct a survey of Mole Hills and include those within valley districts.

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