Govt clarifies on protocol for discharge of inmates from quarantine centres

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Stating that queries have been raised about protocol for discharge from Institutional

Quarantine/Community Quarantine, the government has clarified and reiterated that persons at the Institutional Community Quarantine Centre will be discharged under the following conditions.

As per the clarification by the government, quarantine inmates who have tested negative for COVID 19 Test will be discharged as and when inmates who tested negative and have not mixed or been in close contact with other inmates whose test results are awaited to be discharged from Quarantine Centre after verification and confirmation by Quarantine Centre in charge; in case they have mixed with other inmates whose results arc awaited. they will be kept in Quarantine Centre till all the results are declared.

lt must be remembered that social distancing is to be practiced by everyone at all places to prevent COVID infection, the government stated.

The government also stated that group of quarantine inmates who have all completed 14 days quarantine as a group but test results are not yet declared will be discharged for home quarantine. They will be on home quarantine till the test results are declared.

After discharge, if anyone in the group is tested positive, the person will be taken to

Hospital/Covid Care Centre and the remaining persons of the group who have tested negative and are asymptomatic will continue to remain in home quarantine for 14 days from date of discharge with regular surveillance for symptoms, if any.

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