Govt calls for fair and equal admission to Class XI; bans online assessment of Pre-Nursery to Class V

Govt calls for fair and equal admission to Class XI; bans online assessment of Pre-Nursery to Class V

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IMPHAL: The government of Manipur on Tuesday took a series of decisions with regards to education in the state amidst the pandemic stating that equal and fair opportunity should be given to all for admission to Class XI in view that students will not be able to go outside the state this year for further studies due to COVID-19.

The State Government however acknowledged that that some private institutions are on the process of admitting students in Class-Xl on mark basis and in some cases by giving opportunity to the rank holder students through monetary and other attractive benefits.

Whereas, the closure of schools all across the country and current lockdown on account of COVID-19 pandemic has considerably delayed the declaration of result of Class X and in many other cases, the results are yet to be declared. Due to mass exodus of students from various parts of the country to the State in the last couple of months, it is anticipated that a large number of students are likely to study in the state during the academic session. After a thorough examination of the present scenario and considering the current pandemic, the State Government said it is of the view that a fair and equal opportunity should be given to all concerned students for admission to Class-Xl in all the schools, T. Ranjit Singh, Commissioner, Education (S) said in an order letter dated 22nd June, 2020.

Considering these facts and circumstances and in the interest of these students who will be seeking admission in CIass-XI, the admission process of schools should not be frozen/closed without providing an opportunity to these students or certain percentage of seats (say a minimum of 15%) of the total intake capacity should be left/reserved for future intake after the results for various boards including CBSE etc are declared, the Commissioner added.

The administration has directed all concerned private school authorities to take note of the instruction and comply with it fully.

The Commissioner also stated in a different order that it has been brought to the notice of the state government that some private school authorities are conducting online assessment/examination for students reading in Pre-Nursery to Class V in their respective schools.

Stating that schools have been closed due to the pandemic and following a government order of March 12, 2020, the Commissioner pointed out that conducting online assessment/examination of students reading in Pre-Nursery to Class V is neither correct nor acceptable and deserves to be discouraged. Its outcome will be counter-productive and will create substantial apprehension, anxiety and tension to these students as well as their parents and guardians, the Commissioner pointed.

Considering such facts and circumstances and taking into consideration the sensitive nature of such young students, the Governor of Manipur is pleased to order that any kind of online assessment/examination for Pre-Nursery to Class V students is prohibited/banned during the period of lockdown with immediate effect and until further orders, T. Ranjit said.

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