Govt called to withdraw designation of crematorium for COVID-19 deaths

TMB Report

IMPHAL: United Porompat Baruni Road Organization has demanded that the state government immediately withdrew its notification designating the crematorium for Covid-19 deaths at a location on the northern side of Awa Hills under Porompat Sub Division in Imphal East district.

In a press release issued by its organization Secretary Thokchom Surchandra Singh it was stated that though the death rate is said to be lower here compared to other states, residents surrounding the proposed cremation grounds are vociferously protesting against bringing the infected bodies. And above all the management of infected dead bodies and their funerals remain a source of concern, questioning the government of the preparedness and absence of proper guidelines and protocols for handling dead bodies.

The organisation urged the state government for installation of electric cremation at least at both JNIMS and RIMS, saying that the preferred method of disposing the infected dead body is to use the electric cremation.

The press release further stated that if there are needs of different forms of performing last rites of person due to death of Covid-19, the government must find another solution or spaces but not at such particular areas. If the authority observes in a way that hill side areas of Imphal East are the safest place for cremating Covid-19 related death bodies, than it would be wrong, there are many places in various parts of the district and it’s up to the government and people residing nearby for its practices. Therefore UPBRO stated that people residing along the northern side of Awa hills are not prepared to accept the government’s plan to construct the particular facility in their area, added the press release.

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