Govt asked to support inclusion of Meeteilon in Assam

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Manipur Thoupei Lup has urged the Manipur government to support and lay down their roles for the inclusion of Meeteilon (Manipuri language) as an associate language of Assam State.

In a press release issued by Thoupei Lup Publicity Secretary Oinam Bikash it was stated that Manipuris residing outside the state have been engaging in various social and economic activities since early days.

The traditional, cultural and ethnicity of Manipur have been maintained with strong sense and roots of belongingness, also by the Manipuris living in Assam State. The relationship between people of both the states will always undoubtedly prevail in the sense of togetherness.

The press release further explained that the roles of Manipuri living in Assam have always been taking part in terms of attaining statehood of Manipur. The Assam Manipuris have been always taking part in bringing amicable solutions for the people of Manipur in various previous issues of highway blockades, bandh, strikes called on several events and issues in demand to the state of the Central government.

It has been reminded about the counter economic blockade called by the Assam Manipuri people acting as the welfare standing front for the people of Manipur, added the press release.

Manipur Thoupei Lup on the press release also caught the attention of Manipur MP Leishemba Sanajaoba roles and requested to make policy for the inclusion of Manipuri language as an associate language of Assam.

Even though many of Manipuri still living outside the state like Assam, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Bangladesh and Myanmar, but it’s their dreams and hopes to visit their place of origin. And therefore, the time has now reach to show the gestures of love and sense of belongingness to Manipuri residing outside the state with actions and not just verbally.

It was in the year of 1956 that former Chief Minister of Assam Bishnuram Medhi included Manipuri language (Meeteilon) as a medium of primary education. Then, thereafter in 1979 it was allowed to appear metric examination in Meeteilon and now have now reached upto college and university level. Whereas, unfortunately while  appearing major examination under Commission of Assam State it has still not yet getting the privilege to apply in Manipuri language even though the language is recognised by the state government, mentioned the press release.

Manipur Thoupei Lup appealed the Manipur state government and the peoples to support  and help develop a policy for the indigenous language not just for the Manipuri residing in Manipur state but also for all the indigenous people living across other states and country.

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