Govt announces SOP for supply of essential commodities to public

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The state home department has prescribed Standard Operating Procedure in order to ensure proper supply chain and distribution of essential commodities to public during the nationwide lockdown.

According to an office memorandum issued by Special Secretary (Home), the shops selling grocery items, vegetables, fish, eggs, meat, plant protection inputs shall be opened on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for public throughout the state by specific order of District Magistrate, unless it is decided otherwise.

 All electricity recharge stations shall be opened on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for public during the hours when shops above are allowed to open. Pharmacy and milk booths shall be opened for all days and door step delivery of essential commodities should be operated for all days.

 All wholesale shops selling grocery Items should be opened on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Water bottling plants shall carry out their job on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and shops for agricultural inputs/ plant protection shall be opened on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

The sale in whole sale market will be restricted to district wise. Whole sale market in lmphal West, Thoubal and Kakching districts shall be opened on Tuesday while whole sale markets in lmphal East, Bishnupur districts shall be opened on Thursday. Whole sale markets in other districts shall be opened on Saturday only.

It advised the people to procure the essential commodities only from their respective localities on the retail market days. To this effect, public vehicle movement (both 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler) is completely banned on the retail market days. The DCs may relax the curfew orders under Section 144 Cr. P. C. accordingly. Social distancing should be strictly enforced. The shop keepers should put adequate marking and enforce it strictly. The maximum quantity to be purchased by each family will be 1 kg/1 lit of each essential commodity except rice. The DCs should maintain a stock register of the essential commodities available in the district.

On sale through whole sale shops, the order stated that the retailers who need to procure the goods from the wholesale market shall obtain permits from the Deputy Commissioners concerned or their designated officers on the allotted day. The permits should essentially mention the name of the shop, materials and the quantity to be procured.  The same should be returned back to the DCs to update their stock position register. The Deputy Commissioners or their nominated officers should only issue permits for the quantity immediately required for the district for that week in order to avoid over stocking in one district. The Deputy Commissioners or their nominated officers should mention the registration number of the vehicles carrying the essential items on the permit issued by them. Vehicles for carrying the essential commodities from the wholesale to the retail shops will be permitted but they should carry the original permits issued by the DCs in the vehicle.

Regarding stock maintenance by the whole sale shops, it ordered that wholesaler shall record the existing stock of all the goods dealt by it. The wholesaler shall record the quantities of all the goods received/unloaded in its godown. The wholesaler shall record the quantity sold/issued against the permit of the Deputy Commissioner on the permit itself and also in its stock register. Information should be communicated to the Deputy Commissioner and CAF & PD.

It also directed the wholesalers to communicate with their retailers to ensure uninterrupted supply of essential commodities.

It advised the DCs to take stock of the essential commodities availability and issue permits only according to the requirement. DCs should ensure no hike of prices is done during the sale of goods. The SPs should ensure no hoarding of goods is done at any level. They should also monitor that proper social distancing is maintained during the sale of goods. They should also control the vehicular movement and crowding during whole sale days.

The number of vehicles allowed in the market area should be limited to ensure proper social distancing. In case of excess vehicles, they should be regulated and wait in queues and entry should be allowed as and when space is available in the market.

The shops offering the door step delivery should get the permits from the concerned DCs. The maximum quantity sold to each family should be same as in retail shops.

The police managing the entry points at Mao and Jiribam should maintain record of all vehicles entering including the vehicle registration number and the commodity carried in the vehicle. The drivers of the goods carrying vehicles should be advised to report to the Police team of SP lmphal West at ISBT. Petroleum Tankers and LPG bullets can thereafter proceed to Malom Oil depot and Sekmai Gas bottling plant respectively. A schedule for their unloading decided by SP lmphal West in consultation with DC lmphal West and notified to the drivers. The report of arrival of vehicles and their unloading should be sent on daily basis to Home department, it directed.

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