Gorkha community lauds MLA Nemcha Kipgen

Gorkha community lauds MLA Nemcha Kipgen

KANGPOKPI: The Gorkha community of Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency lauded the local MLA Nemcha Kipgen for her continuous and relentless contribution towards the Gorkha community on every festive occasion.

Laxmi Prasad Khatiwada, Chairman Santolabari Parsain area on behalf of the Gorkha community from Santolabari Parsain area, Ram Bahadur Karki, G.B. Irang Part-2 and Mankumar Yogi, Chairman Lamchok Irang Part-1 on behalf of Gorkha community of Irang area and Subol Singh Mote, Chairman Kalapahar Area on behalf of Gorkha community from Kalapahar area expressed appreciation and gratitude to the local MLA Nemcha Kipgen for providing sugar to all the Temples during the celebration of Dipawali.

The Gorkha community leaders said that MLA Nemcha Kipgen had immensely contributed towards for the welfare of the Gorkha community within her constituency in all aspects and ever since her election in the Manipur Legislative Assembly in 2012 she never failed to greets and provide sugar on every religious festival till today.

They also said that not only the Gorkha community the local MLA also reached out to all other communities within her constituency on every religious festival and other important occasions every year.

They further said that the local MLA is religiously from a Christian community but her secularism endowed with love and concern for her people brings all the communities within her constituency under one roof where there is no segregation of religion, caste and creed.

Her mentality and approach exhibit the true spirit of secular India and we are very much fortunate to have such a leader to represent us in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, they added.

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