Goa FC striker Seiminlen Doungel, InSIDE North East help hundreds in Saikul

Goa FC striker Seiminlen Doungel, InSIDE North East help hundreds in Saikul

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Seiminlen Doungel, the Goa FC striker and ISL player, along with the team of InSIDE North East distributed dry ration to over 100 pre-identified families at Shom-inn Academy, Saikul Hill Town over a period of two days, with each family receiving 15 kg of rice, 1 kg of daal, 2 kg of sugar that will at least sustain the families for a week.

Seiminlen Doungel not only took part physically but also donated money for purchasing the dry ration – essential food items. He gave awareness on Covid-19 pandemic and how to prevent oneself from such a dreaded virus. He also strongly advocated for peace saying that this is a time to love not to discriminate. The covid-19 pandemic does not discriminate why should we human discriminated one another. Manipur is such a lovely and paradise like place but we are responsible to really make it happen by putting away our communal approach and see every human being as brother and sister, he stated and urged everybody to maintain social distancing and put mask as a preventive measure.

Hejang Misao, Director of InSIDE North East stated that while we take every possible preventive measure to stay safe it is against the law and against humanity to discriminate people who are Covid positive. They need support – medically and psychologically, the best we can support them is by not hating or discriminating against them but extending our message of love. He further said that his organisation plans to reach out to more families in both hill and valley and build the bond of love during this trying time.

InSIDE North East conducted ground assessment in the backdrop of the Covid-19 lockdown and identified more than hundred most vulnerable families in Saikul Sub-Division. They are mostly widows, orphan, disabled persons, very poor families who do not have food stock even for a week. The dry ration was distributed to more than 100 families and took two days.

They also identified four orphanage homes in Kangpokpi district that needed support at this critical juncture so that the children do not go to bed hungry and suffer from malnutrition.

InSIDE North East as part of Covid-19 Emergency Respond Program also made masks at its training centre and distributed them free of cost to the people. The organisation is also spreading awareness on Covid-19 through pamphlets in collaboration with District Health Department of Kangpokpi and mobilized Covid-19 volunteers in collaboration with district administration under Lalithambigai, DC Kangpokpi district.

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