GCCS, LD clarify on attack on forest staff while cutting pine trees

GCCS, LD clarify on attack on forest staff while cutting pine trees

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Imphal: The Gamaray Club Chanam Shantrok (GCCS) and Laiharoubam Development (LD) have clarified about a report on December 1, 2020 in some local daily newspapers wherein staffs of forest were shot upon and chased back in relation to cutting of pine trees terming it as false information.

The statement was said by the Assistant Secretary of GC Mutum Ajit during a press meet held at Manipur Press Club on Monday.

Addressing media persons, Mutum Ajit said that for some furniture item for the GC, some pine trees were cut down from the Patta area with the permission of the owner of the land. Unfortunately, this Centre for Alternative and Integrated Medicine (CAIM) hired some forest department staff and tried to stop them from cutting the trees.

Ajit said that there was no any official related to district forest officer and hence, the problem and misunderstanding occurred when they were being stopped from cutting the trees.

The NGO along with some forest officials were doing a trade of trees of the surrounding area of Chanam Shantrok as information received by its village authority, amidst such moment, and failed to show their identity cards by those forest staff came on that day. So the said incident was occurred.

In a meanwhile, secretary of the NGO stating in the media that the villagers of Chanam Santrok were uncivilized is very unfortunate, said Ajit adding the area where they cut the trees is a land of Chanam Nabachandra of Chanam Santrok which was registered by him in 1984.

For the last many years, Chanam Santrok village has been helping every works taken up by the forest department like plantation of sapling trees and protecting the trees. The Santrok and its village authority will not accept a way of undermined and an act of misleading infront of the citizens, said the Mutum.

In conclusion, he said that the NGO and its related individuals should come and apologise to the village authority also must give clarification to every stakeholders at the earliest.

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