Gandhian TD Ngangomba breaks fast

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Gandhian TD Ngangomba broke his fast he undertook as one of the selected participants of a nationwide relay fasting on Politics for the Poor organized by Gandhi Collective India after accepting a spoonful of water from senior journalist of Sanaleibak Nepram Kunjamohon on Tuesday morning.

Trade union leader Bhupendra Ghose, president of Manipur Library Association Kangjam Chaoba, secretary of CPI (M) Ksh Santa, secretariat member of the party Sarat Salam, secretary AIFB Khomdram Gyaneshwar, secretariat member of RSP Kangjam Manoranjan and secretary of CPI L Sotinkumar also took their turns in offering water to TD Ngangomba after he completed his fasting round as the 25th Satyagrahi of the relay fasting.  

TD Ngangomba, who is popular as Tikendra Bhai in other parts of the country, was succeeded by Karnataka’s Sree Krishnappa as the next Satyagrahi. The model of the relay hunger strike features eminent Gandhians from all over the nation taking their turn to carry out the hunger strike for 24 hours each one after another. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the strike is being carried out at their respective residences. 

The demands of the relay fasting are save farmers, save labourers, save village economy and save environment. It had begun on World Environment Day on June 5 at Champaran in Bihar. The strike will continue till Gandhi Jayanti which falls on October 2.

TD Ngangomba, besides being a lifelong Gandhian, is a senior leader of Sarvodaya movement and an ardent follower of Vinoba Bhave. He had undergone jail detention during the emergency period outside the state.

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