Gallantry Award case:

Gallantry Award case:

Congress demands resignation of CM Biren on moral ground, says govt protecting drug smugglers

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IMPHAL: Alleging that the state government is protecting drug smugglers especially of view of a police officer being awarded the Chief Minster’s Gallantry Award on Patriots’ Day, the Congress has called for resignation of CM Biren on moral ground.

Congress MLA Keisham Meghachandra on Monday slammed the BJP-led coalition government for conferring Chief Minister’s Medal for Gallantry award to a tainted Police Sub Inspector, who was arrested for trafficking drugs worth Rs 3 crore in 2013.

Awarding the medal to a tainted police officer on Patriots’ Day is very unfortunate. It is a mockery of India’s 74th Independence Day and the state’s Patriots; Day, the Congress MLA said adding that Beishamayum Debson, Sub Inspector Imphal East Commando along with 11 police personnel were charge sheeted in connection with a drug haul case.

The Congress legislator also stated that to think that the notice came out in the name of the governor is a big mockery of the state by the government. And this also tells us and raises a question as to what the government has to say on War against drugs, the MLA added.

Stating that the State Home Department and its intelligence units have totally failed, the Congress MLA said that when failure of the system, drug cases are being discussed in the state and the Assembly, the incident of awarding a Gallantry medal to those involved in drug case is very unfortunate.

Asserting that the Home Department and its intelligence have failed, the MLA said it is proven by the fact that a student body like AMSU had to point out the mistake and the government had to act upon it.

To this, Megachandra questioned where the Home Department was or was there any reason for the government to continue. He added stating that a student body like AMSU, without any intelligence unit, had to point it out even with FIR No filed almost 10 years ago in Pallel.

He questioned if the government was protecting such information.

Stating that there are other tainted police officers who were adorned with gallantry awards as per their sources, the MLA said that details of such police officers will be put in public domain soon.

Gallantry awards are normally conferred to the deserving police officers based on a report prepared by the Home department. Unfortunately, such have been conferred to many police officers who were selected for their political affiliation instead of their merit. As such, the recent awards announced are not trustworthy, he said.

Questioning as to why the Inspector of Imphal east should be suspended on the charge of concealing facts, the MLA said that it is the Chief Minister in charge of Home and the IG (intelligence) against whom action should be initiated.

The Congress demands the resignation of CM Biren, the head of the Home Department, on moral ground, the Congress MLA said.

He also said that Congress raised the issue of drug in the house recently, to which the present Government paid no heed. War on Drugs campaign of the Government is meaningless, Meghachandra said.

He said that government has protected the drug smugglers while gagging the mouth of the police officers who are fighting against the drug menace.

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