<strong>Four workers of INC arrested for alleged assault on BJP supporter </strong>

Four workers of INC arrested for alleged assault on BJP supporter

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Chairman of Motbung Haosat Singsit who is regarded to be a staunch supporter of the BJP was reportedly assaulted in what is supposed to be a poll related incident on November 6, 2020. In this connection four workers of INC from the same village have been reportedly arrested by police in the wee hours of November 7, 2020 for having a hand in the assault on the 68 year old village chairman of Motbung.

The BJP alleged that Haosat was assaulted by the workers of INC while the latter refuted the allegation.

Dr Lamtinthang Haokip, INC Candidate 51-Saitu A/C however stated that Haosat was beaten up by his own relatives for seizing voter slips.

According to a source, a social media group received a report at around 2:00 AM on November 7 that some workers of INC Motbung were arrested by police. In a widely circulated video clip, INC candidate Dr Lamtinthang Haokip was heard stating that the Chief Agent, Secretary and workers of INC were arrested by police personnel of false charge and kept at Sekmai police station.

Dr Lamtinthang Haokip said that the INC workers were at the party office at that time and were not involved in the Haosat assault incident.

The police arrested them when they came down to Motbung from the INC office on false charges of involvement in assaulting the chairman Haosat Singsit, the INC candidate said.

The INC candidate also questioned the motives behind the keeping of arrested INC workers at Sekmai police station while they were arrested by Saparmaina police.

Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip cautioned that strong legal action will be taken up if the police fail to release the innocent party volunteers and make a clarification on the matter to the INC workers, it added.

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