Foundation launched in Ukhrul to encourage young football talents

Foundation launched in Ukhrul to encourage young football talents

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Imphal: Ukhrul district has produced lots of professional football players in the past years and many football players from the district are currently playing in different top clubs of India. Still there are many more talented youths in the district who are really affectionate to play the sports of football but unfortunately their aspirations are impeded as there are no appropriate facilities and grounds to play. Moreover, due to lack of financial support, many young talented youths who want to be professional footballers are faced with disheartenment.

There is a ray of hope at the end of the horizon for such young footballers who are looking at the future with a gloom. Considering the talented youngsters and to encourage the young football players, a Tangkhul film production company called “Meiphung Production” has launched its first Meiphung foundation “Young Football Coaching for Free” at Ukhrul district Headquarter.

As a part of the special coaching course six young talents will be selected in each batch and they will undergo training for three months under the watchful eye of head coach, Kuivao Ruivah who is a former player of Hindustan FC and hails from Somdal village in the district.

According to CEO of Meiphung Production KS Seema Awungshi the free coaching was taken up as an undertaking to support and promote the talented youngsters whose have been stopped by lack of financial backing from shining in their chosen field, specially in games and sports.

She stated that each batch of players will be trained for three months and after the players are assessed by the coach, they will be sent for a trial selection. He said that all the football equipment and gears namely jersey, ball, shorts and boots will be provided by the production company. The latter will also bear all the expenditures incurred during their training.

While asked about the response from the public, she informed that it was beyond expectation and many youngsters were desperate and rushed to join the coaching. The production is not only giving free coaching to the youngsters but it will be taking extended initiatives for them like hunting for potential clubs in order to launch their professional career. Currently, the production is yet to tie up with any clubs but it is taking full effort to reach understanding with some clubs in this regard, she said.

Asking about the activities in the pipeline of the production, Semma Awaunsghi informed that the production is also trying to give soft loans to young entrepreneurs to assist them to start up their own businesses through the loans.

An agreement will be signed between the young entrepreneurs and the production house on the duration of recovery of loans, and only after turning up profits for themselves, the production will be collecting just the capital and no interest at all, said Seema Awunshi.

Over the past few years, Ukhrul district has seen a new football revolution with young ones not only passionate about football but also dreaming of making a career out of it. She said that initially, the parents/guardians did not seem much interested in supporting their kids entering sports, but things are changing slowly now.

While talking about the training, head coach Kuiva Ruivah said that most of the youngsters are totally fresh and they have not enroll in any academy yet. He said that all the six players were giving training from the grass root level.

Ruivah said that there are many good football players/youngsters in Ukhrul district but due to lack of facilities and proper grounds, they are facing difficulties in honing their talents and skills.

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