<strong>Fish To Be Available At Lower Price As Gift For Ningol Chakkouba: Minister Rajen </strong>

Fish To Be Available At Lower Price As Gift For Ningol Chakkouba: Minister Rajen

DIPR/ TMB Report

Imphal: Fishery Minister S. Rajen Singh has announced that the Fishery Department will organise Fish Exhibition at eastern side of Mapal Kangjeibung as a part of Ningol Chakouba festival. Minister also appealed to maintain SOPs during the festival.

He said that fish, particularly local products will be made available at the cost of 20% discount in comparison with the previous year’s price. This is a step to encourage fish farmers of the state. Arrangement will also be made to open fish outlets in some selected major cities, town and district headquarters of the valley, he added.

Rajen was speaking at a press conference held in the conference hall of minister’s office at South Block, Old Secretariat Building. He said that more than 90,000 Kilograms of fish will be on sale this year. Varieties of fishes like Catla, Rohu, Mrigal, Common Carp, Grass Carp, Silver Carp, Pengba/Khabak and Ngaton etc. will be available. This will substitute the imported items of fish from outside.

Prices of the fishes have also been fixed. Pengba and Khabak below 300g weight will be available at Rs. 360/Kg, 300Kg above at Rs, 520/Kg, Ngaton 360/Kg, Catla, Rohu, Mrigal at 168/Kg, Common Carp at 160/Kg, minister added. The price of fishes may vary according to weight in Kilogram of the particular fishes.

Minister also maintained that in order to increase fish production in the state, the government owned fish farms will be made improved. Biofloc Fish Farming has been introduced in the state. Fish farmers have been trained. This initiative will encourage those farmers in the hilly regions, minister added.  

Director, Fishery Department, N. Gojendro Singh also attended the interaction.

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