FIR filed against irate inmates of QC in Churachandpur

TMB Report

CCpur: The Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police of on Thursday informed the Churachandpur Working Reporter Union (CWRU) that an FIR was being registered against the four inmates following yesterday’s incident at VK Tawna High School QC.

Stressing the need for social distancing in the fight against Covid-19, the DC and SP stated that had social distancing being maintained many quarantine centres at Churachandpur would have seen less positive cases in the district. It is upto the people in the centre to take precaution as no one can enter the center but the inmates along, they said.

The Deputy Commissioner said that so far 4,124 people had returned to the district where 1168 are quarantined at different centres and 199 have been discharged of today with the district housing 969 inmates at different centres at present.

A new mechanism for supplying foodstuffs was planned but we are still working on how it can be effectively implemented while asking the inmates to understand that they are at quarantine centre where all they want may not be available to their disposal, the DC said.

Meeting with CWRU the SP of Ccpur informed that an FIR was filed against 4 inmates due to yesterday incident at VK Tawna High QC as per the law and they will be dealt accordingly as per law after their quarantine period are over.

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