Fertilizer distributed at government subsidized rate

TMB Report

BISHNUPUR: As a continuation of distribution of Urea fertilizers at sunsidized rate to the farmers under Kumbi Assembly Constituency, it was also distributed to the farmers of Napat Mayai Leikai, Wangoo Parking Leikai, Wangoo Sandel Makha Leikai and Borayangbu Muslim village areas under Kumbi Constituency.

The Urea fertilizers were distributed by Social Activist Sanjoy Ahanthem and his team from door to door of the above villages.

In connection with the distribution of Urea fertilizer, Sanjoy Ahanthem said that the fertilizer was distributed throughout those farmers whose paddy fields whose land records and aadhar have been submitted beforehand.

The distributed Urea fertilizers were bought after submitting the Aadhar and land Records of the farmers to District Agri Office through queue system, he added.

Sanjoy further appealed that if any farmers wish to continue to get the fertilizer, they can submit their land records and Aadhars in xerox copy along with a sum do Ra. 300 and Rs. 30 for delivery charges at their office at Wangoo Sabal Leikai.

The farmers who have received the Urea fertilizer appreciated Social Activist Sanjoy Ahanthem and his team for their contribution to the farmers who are going though hardship due to Covid-19 lockdown.

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