Escalation sign of failure of govt apparatus: CPI on rise in Covid cases

Escalation sign of failure of govt apparatus: CPI on rise in Covid cases

TMB Report
IMPHAL: CPI, Manipur State Council has asserted that the incompetent strategies being used by the state government in addressing the public on the latter’s fear over the rising cases due to Covid-19 showed the failure of those committees formed in connection with facing the global pandemic in the state.

In a press release issued by MSC/CPI State Secretary L. Sotinkumar it was stated that as another round of lockdown is being contemplated if the guidelines of WHO, ICMR or Union Ministry are to be reduced to rhetorics and not in practice, such unfortunate conditions can never be controlled.

If the government truly is intent on solving the problem then free mass testing exercise in those areas declared to be containment zones should be carried out. The PCR test is required instead of Rapid Antigen Kit which is not fully trusted on its results. The health minister in the state is needed to carry out inspections for quality tests of the RT kits that are being utilized in the medical department, RIMS and JNIMS as results done back within a few weeks were found unsatisfactory. CPI fumed over the use of RT kits instead of PCR tests which has been determined to the actualization of mass local transmission.

During the hour of PM Narendra Modi announcement of lockdown there were just 564 cases. However, since countries across found that RT kits are unsafe and genuine to its results, testing with PCR was recommended by WHO, the statement said.

CPI appealed to the state government that in order to seriously curb Covid-19 in the state, it must be made mandatory to carry out testing twice on those people having symptomatic cases and build a 1000 bedded temporary hospital within a very short period of time.

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