Duty First: Even death fails to put Kpi OC off from duty

Duty First: Even death fails to put Kpi OC off from duty

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KANGPOKPI: Bereavement is something unpredictable but certain for all walks of life. When death occurs, each and every member of the family member, nearby or far away, wants to be with the deceased and bid adieu.

But duty comes first for Inspector Khogen, who is in Manipur Police Department for more than 30 years and nearing retirement on superannuation, presently posted at Kangpokpi Police Station as Officer-in-Charge since few weeks back before the nation and statewide lockdown begin owing to the pandemic COVID-19.

On March 31, just before midnight around 11:00 PM, Inspector Khogen’s younger brother, who works in the PHE Department died on the spot in a tragic road mishap at Pangei in Imphal East while on his way to home after late night hectic works related to Financial Year closing. The sad news was informed to him the next day early morning. He went to his brother residence and returned back in the afternoon to resume his duties.

Inspector Khogen is among many other district police officers guarding the market places, public areas, roads, etc. during the lockdown and monitoring the law and orders under the supervision his superior as 144 CrPC has been imposed in the district owing to the pandemic COvid-19.

Police department is one of the key departments among many other in combating the deadly COVID-19 pandemic apart from having a hectic time in maintaining law and order and ensuring smooth supply and transport of essential commodities to the people at this juncture.

Inspector Khogen is not only a disciplined police officer but a Good Samaritan. On the first exemption day during lockdown in the District Headquarters he was seen helping the market goers by carrying bags of potatoes so as to avoid crowding while he was also seen on the next day leading the disinfection team and helping them by engaging himself in carrying the fire tender pipe while disinfection of the town and market place.

“My duty is more important than anything else. I was told duty comes first for a police officer before taking an oath and I want retired from my service satisfactorily by upholding my duty at the top most while rendering exemplary service to the people”, said visibly emotional but strong Inspector Khogen.

The Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization and Kangpokpi Youth Union accompanied by the local Sr. Journalist Kaybie Chongloi and Administrators of The Kanggui Post, the local leading WhatsApp group expressed condolence and met the Inspector at his quarter at Kangpokpi PS consoling him by wrapping a traditional shawl and muffler as a mark of wiping his tear and motivation.

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