DSA Bishnupur new office bearer elected

DSA Bishnupur new office bearer elected

TMB Report

Bishnupur: A new office bearer of District Sports Association Bishnupur has been elected during an Executive Council Meeting held on Friday at the Association office in Bishnupur presided by its President L. Naba.

The newly elected office bearers  are N. Mangi of YWO Bishnupur as General  Secretary and as Assistant General Secretaries Thao Johnny Chothe of BFA Chothe, O. Subhaschandra of OSA Oinam, K. Deepak of LFC(K) Loktak and Kh. Maheshwor of KYSCDL Kha-Jiri.

While the elected Co-opted members are Referee Th. Tejmani from Bishnupur, Coach N. Shivananda from Nachou, S. Robichandra  from Keinou and N. Sanathoi Devi from Irengbam as Outstanding Players.

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