‘Drug lord’ post provokes defamation suit threat from Okram Henry

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Alleging that a Facebook post of Additional SP Th Brinda has maligned his image, Okram Henry, who had recently abdicated his position as the MLA from Wangkhei AC and simultaneously resigned from Congress party to join the BJP, has threatened that he will be filing a defamation suit against the lady cop.

Apparently, Brinda who have a knack of rubbing politicians and adversaries the wrong way with her sharp and intrepid posts have found the latest casualty in the young politician who is the nephew of former chief minister O Ibobi and is one of the accused in the seizure of a huge consignment of drugs from Kolkata intercepted at Imphal airport on January 11, 2013. Reports said the top cop posted the comment on August 21, 2020, ostensibly taking a jibe at both the chief minister and Henry, for ‘rolling out the red carpet to the drug lord’ upon the latter’s joining the saffron party. In a statement issued on Sunday, O Henry pointed out that the airport drug haul case is still pending in court.

 Stating that Brinda’s Facebook post has arrayed him to be the real drug kingpin of the case, Henry questioned the lady police officer if she has the valid evidence to justify him to be the real drug kingpin. He also questioned whether Brinda is the Congress Spokesperson or a Government employee.

Reiterating that it is quite unfair on the part of Brinda to assassinate the character of a man by posting a family related affair on social media, Henry also requested the state Government to initiate action against Brinda, on charges of attempting to assassinate the character of an individual by uploading family matters on social media despite being a Government employee.

Incidentally, in the run-up to the state assembly polls in April 2017, the issue of Henry’s alleged involvement in the drug haul was highlighted by the state BJP. The BJP which was trying to topple the 15 year reign of the Congress, had made it a poll issue and used it to target the chief minister, Ibobi Singh.

The BJP and Okram Henry struck a deal on the eve of the Rajya Sabha elections where Henry and another estranged Congress MLA RK Imo partnered to save the ruling coalition from a major humiliation and possibly also the government of chief minister N Biren, father-in-law of Imo. BJP’s Sanajaoba got 28 votes while his rival Congress candidate T. Mangibabu got 24 votes, with the support of Henry and Imo turning out to be the decisive ones. 

On the other hand, additional SP Brinda is caught in a major confrontation with chief minister N Biren in what is touted as the biggest drug haul case in Manipur estimated at Rs 27 crores involving another BJP leader Lukhoshei Zou, a former chairman of Chandel ADC. Brinda had alleged that the chief minister interfered in the case with a possible motive to release Zou and the latter earned a Rs 5 crore defamation suit from Biren.  

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