‘Dream big, have vision’: MPKFCT chairman to meritorious students

‘Dream big, have vision’: MPKFCT chairman to meritorious students

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KANGPOKPI: Honoring the meritorious students of Sadar Hills, Kangpokpi District on the 22nd Maj. S. Kipgen (Pagin) SM Foundation a Charitable Trust (MPKFCT) Meritorious Award distribution ceremony, its Chairman, Thangminlen Kipgen, who is also the President of NPP Manipur Unit exhorted the young scholars to dream big and have vision for their lives.

The meritorious award has been organized annually by Maj. Pagin Kipgen Foundation as a part of its endeavor to bring quality education and to encourage the young learners of Sadar Hills District since 1999. A total of 429 students had already been conferred the award including this year awardees.

Haokholal Hangshing, Chairman, ADC Sadar Hills graced the award distribution ceremony as Chief Guest while Thangminlen Kipgen, Chairman MPKFCT and Chunglenmang Kipgen, MCS attended the function as Functional President and Guest of Honour respectively.

A brief history of late Maj. Pagin Kipgen was highlighted by Dr. Ngamkhohao Haokip before declaration of awardees and presentation was conducted by Jampu Kipgen while Rev. Paogoulen Sitlhou, M.Th. Pastor and Youth Secretary, TBA(I) provoked the blessing prayer for the awardees.

The awardees are Satmunchon Kipgen from EMRS, Gamnom Sapormeina (93.50); Lengunlal Kipgen from Diamond Eng. H/S, Kpi (84.50); Sumit Gupta from Motbung from ETS Motbung (84.50); Thangminchon Singsit from Diamond Eng. H/S, Kpi (84.33); Letkhongam Khongsai from Diamond Eng. H/S, Kpi (83.57); Surbhi Pandey from Lighthouse School, Kpi (82.83); Kamgoulen Lhouvum from Diamond Eng.H/S, Kpi(82.33); Ngamlenlal Kipgen from EMRS, Gamnom Sapormeina (82.33); Thangginlenlal Kipgen from Elite Hr.Sec.School,Kpi(80.50); Lalginhao Misao from Diamond Eng.H/S Kpi (80.17); L.Manggou Haokip from Mt.Calvary Eng.School,Leimakhong (80.17); Nehgougin Singsit from EMRS, Gamnom Sapormeina (80.00);  Ngamminhao Haokip from EMRS, Gamnom Sapormeina (80.00) and Satminhao Kipgen from EMRS, Gamnom Sapormeina (79.83).

All the awardees were given a memento, citation and cash reward of Rs. 5,000/- each apart from another Rs. 5,000/- to the state level position holder and Rs. 1,000/- each to state level subject toppers. As per record of the MPKFCT, since 1999 the highest pass percentage is secured in the recently declared HSLC examination 2020 with 93.50 p.c.

“In many ways life is like a race and you still have your whole lives ahead of you. So, HSLC examination is just the beginning. It may be the first milestone for your life but I don’t want you to be complacent with what you have achieved in this exam. However, I hope it will inspire you to do even better in the future. This is just the beginning!” Thangminlen Kipgen exhorted the meritorious students.

You must have heard a lot of advice from various sources about what you should do next. But, I just want to encourage you to continue to dream big and have vision, for where there is no vision, people perish. Visualize who you would be or where do you see yourself in 10-15 years and let that inspire you to work hard to fulfill your vision and do not ever forget to ask God to give you a vision, the MPKFCT added.

He also motivated the students to continue to see who they are becoming as a person even when other are not watching and continue to be kind, gracious and honest in everything they do as character is just as important as professional or academic success.

Thangminlen Kipgen concluded his motivation by advising the students to remember three things, first, have vision-spend some time to think about your vision-where do you see yourself in 10-15 years, secondly, work hard to achieve that vision and thirdly, continue to check who you are becoming as a person – your character is just as important as your professional or academic achievement.

Haokholal Hangshing, Chairman ADC Sadar Hills also motivated the meritorious students and wish them in their future endeavours while Chunglenmang Kipgen, MCS also exhorted the students and highlighted some of his experience in his personal life in achieving the MCS.

The award distribution ceremony was also attended by Thangjakam Misao, Vice chairman ADC Sadar Hills, James Doujapao Haokip, MCS, Chief Executive Officer, SHADC Kangpokpi, Lalminlen Misao, MPS, Addl.SP (Ops), Kangpokpi, S. Singsit, Hony. Secretary, MPKFCT, parents and guardians of the meritorious students.

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