Dr. S Ibomcha, SP Thoubal: The true warrior in ‘Wars on Drugs’

Dr. S Ibomcha, SP Thoubal: The true warrior in ‘Wars on Drugs’

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IMPHAL: Dr. S Ibomcha SP of Thoubal District police is one of the most eminent, efficient and dedicated officer whose honesty in service marks the overall development of humanity. His efforts and fights against drugs contribute to the Chief Minister’s greatest concern and activity of War on Drugs.

Right from a young age he joined many activities, thus achieving the following awards and prizes.

1)      Chief Minister’s Trophy for Campaign against drugs awarded on Independence Day, 2020

2)      Participated in the Sub-Junior Mr Manipur, 1990.

3)      Runners up in Mr DM College of Science, 1993.

4)      Runners in Manipur University Arms wrestling, 1996.

5)      Placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in shot-put and discuss throw during my College and school days.

As the Superintendent of Police of Thoubal District, Dr. S. Ibomcha Singh has come up with significant records in his duties and performances of busting and seizing wide range of major drugs and liquors.

One of the biggest seizures in the entire North East India in accordance to Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances ND&PS Act 1985, Thoubal District Police was led by SP Dr. S. Ibomcha Singh who successfully intercepted one Tata 207 DI vehicle bearing registration number MN06-LA- 2847 on the IVR of Phoudel Keirambi Mathak Leikai near mobile tower and seized 40,00,000 (forty lakhs) WY tablets that weighed around 400 (four hundred) Kgs  and was worth approximately Rs. 400 crore. The huge amount of illicit substances were busted and seized with eight (8) accused persons including one International drug lord from Myanmar at Bir Tikendrajit International Airport, in which four Tripuris and three Manipuris were also arrested.

Thoubal District Police led by SP Dr. S. Ibomcha Singh also busted two illegal heroin/brown sugar manufacturing laboratories; one at Moijing Awang Leikai with the seizure of 184.5549 kgs of brown sugar  worth approximately Rs.164.253 crore with chemicals, equipments and tools used for the manufacture of heroin brown sugar and another at Sada Khumbi Village with 41.293 kgs of heroin brown sugar and 10 litres of morphinated liquid along with equipments and chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Under the supervision of Dr. S. Ibomcha, the district police of Thoubal also arrested one woman from Yairipok Keisham along 60,000 pieces of WY tablets and 55 gms of heroin powder.

Thoubal District Police also arrested four persons along with 3980 numbers of SP tablets, 150 numbers of N-10 tablets, 109 bottles of cough syrup, Rs. 5,54,700 in cash, Revolver(.32), one SBBL rifle, six live rounds of .31 ammunition and two mobile phones, etc.

Under his supervision, a team of Thoubal District police led by OC Lilong seized 3599 bottles of cough syrup of 100ml each and had arrested on person from Lilong Nungei Khunou along with owner of the busted illegal substance.

In another case of seizing drugs successfully, a team of Thoubal District CDO under the supervision of SP Dr. S. Ibomcha Singh seized 5.645 kgs of opium at Yairipok Lamkhai along with the arrest of the owner.

Thoubal District police under his supervision also seized huge quantity of illegal liquors worth approximately around Rs. 5,79,600 which was kept concealed by one accused person of Chingtham Maning Leikai. Later, three persons were also arrested in connection to the seized items.

Thoubal District Police led by SP Dr Ibomcha had also busted an illegal liquor manufacture at Athokpam Awang Leikai, one person from Khurai Lamlong Bazar was arrested under Manipur Liquor prohibition Act.

District Police Thoubal along with the volunteers of ALADA Lilong conducted house search at the one residence of Lilong Haoreibi Awang Leikai uncle of one drug peddler and recovered 7965 numbers of SP capsules and 10,000 numbers of WY Tablets. District Police is also trying to identify other co-accused.

District Police Thoubal under the supervision of SP Dr. S. Ibomcha also conducted frisking and checking at Wangjing near YK College and seized 23 numbers of light brown packets containing 2.3 lakhs suspected WY tablets tightly wrapped with adhesive tape from a maruti vehicle bearing number MN01AG-2307 and arrested the accused driver.

Thoubal Superintendent of Police Dr. Sarangthem Ibomcha has always been the most courageous and dedicated warrior contributing relentlessly on the BJP-Led government’s Anti-Drug campaign of “War against Drug”. He is among three cops who have been selected for the Chief Minister’s Trophy for Anti-drug Campaign.

On the other hand, Chief Minister’s Trophy for Community Service had also been awarded to Bishnupur district SP Priyadarshini Laishram, Thoubal Police Inspector, Oinam Ajit Singh and Thoubal district Women Police Constable Okram Bijeta Devi.

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