Dr. Rajesh Kumar, IAS given charge of Chief Secretary; students’ bodies call for revocation

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Dr. Rajesh Kumar, IAS, the additional chief secretary of the state was on Saturday (August 1) given full of Chief Secretary with immediate effect and until further orders following the end of the term of the previous CS, Suresh Babu.

“The Governor of Manipur is pleased to allow Dr. Rajesh Kumar, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to the charge of Chief Secretary, Government of Manipur with immediate effect and until further orders in public interst,” an order from the Governor read.

However, the appointment of Rajesh Kumar has not go down well with various students’ bodies in the state that have been demanding for a native of Manipur to be appointed the CS of the state.

The Joint Students’ Coordination Committee, an umbrella body of four main students’ organizations namely AMSU, SUK, MSF and KSA, has called for revocation of the order of the Manipur government placing a bureaucrat officer who does not belong to the indigenous community as the Chief Secretary of the state.

In a statement, the committee stated that the recent order by the administration appointing a non-native to the highest bureaucracy post yet again is condemnable and must be repealed very soon. The state government was presented with a stoic appeal by the students’ organization to instead elevate a qualified indigenous officer as the chief secretary after withdrawal of the appointment of the next chief secretary.

The common policy of a series of governments in the state is to ignore awarding suitable posts within their capacities to native bureaucratic officers which is a strategy of political victimization of the local officers by the administration to serve their own interest and it should be stopped, the statement continued.

It can be inferred that due to the taking over of permanent executive posts by cadres from outside states who have insufficient ideas about the affairs of the state, there has been a conspicuous absence of improvement in the state’s administration. In this situation, the interests of the state have been compromised and oppression of the valuable human resources of the state have been carried out which ultimately has resulted in the state lagging behind in the development race. Thus, an officer from among the indigenous population who understands the situation of the state thoroughly should be appointed as chief secretary for the overall good of the state, the committee told the government.

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