DPUVA and NANL Alleged Council for Misconduct, Warns of Intense Agitations

DPUVA and NANL Alleged Council for Misconduct, Warns of Intense Agitations

TMB Correspondent

Bishnupur: Development & Protection United Voluntary Organisation (DPUVA), Nambol Apunba Nupi Lup (NANL) has alleged the Council of Nambol Municipal Council for misconduct in their duties.

Speaking at a press conference jointly organised by DPUVA and NANL at the office of DPUVA, Secretary DPUVA Th. Lamjingba said that the organisation strongly condemns the Chairperson of the council who is misguiding the Bishnupur SP by providing wrong information to disband the public held on Wednesday at Nambol Market to discuss and correct the misconduct of the council.

He said, even the present property of the council has declined as the former councils of the Nambol Municipal Council has sold the property piece by piece during their final terms and also said that they feared the same might happen again.

Lamjingba said that the present Chairperson of the council has used a van vehicle of the council for his own private works and transportation of children by keeping at his residence.

There are also many cases of unreasonable collection of money from the women vendors of the Nambo Market, he added.

Lamjiongba also said that a memorandum which includes seven resolutions was also submitted to Chief Minister and warns that if their demands are not fulfil by February 15, various forms of intense agitation will set off.

President DPUVO T. Khaba Khuman, Working President K. Sulesor, Secretary NANL L. Premila, Publicity Secretary A. Samina Leima also attended the press conference.

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