‘Don’t take loans in the name of society’

TMB Report

BISHNUPUR: The Loktak Lake Tourism Development Cooperative Society Ltd has requested individuals not to seek loans in the name of the society. Talking to media persons on Thursday at its office at Sendra Chingkhong, president of the society M Ibosana informed that there had been an incident on an earlier occasion when some individuals procured loans in the name of the society. Yet again, it has come to the society’s knowledge that process is underway at present for getting loans in the name of the society, he stated.

For many years the boating society has been serving the tourists with the objective of helping development of tourism in the area. As such the society has never sought loan or assistance from the government. In fact the society has not even applied for loans in its history. However, there was a controversy 1-2 years back when it came to light that a group of people have taken loan of Rs 7 lakhs in the name of the society, he said and appealed to the present group who are behind the loan application to stop its activity. He clarified that society will not take responsibility for any loan given to the party and it will take help of the law to pursue actions against the impersonators.   

 The secretary of the society L. Rajchandra Singh, and members M. Surjit Singh, M. Amarjit Singh, and O Godhadhor Singh were present at the press meet.

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