Don’t panic, there will be no shortage of fertilizers: Agri Director to farmers

Don’t panic, there will be no shortage of fertilizers: Agri Director to farmers

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IMPHAL: The Director of Agriculture Laltanpuii Vachhong has assured that the department is trying its level best to provide adequate fertilizers to all the farmers and there will be no shortages of fertilizers in the State this year.

She gave the information during a press conference held at her chamber at the agriculture department office at Sanjenthong on Wednesday.

Laltanpuii Vachhong further clarified that the distribution of urea fertilizers is underway at present with the objective to fulfill the respective needs of the farmers in the State. The shortages in fertilizers encountered in the state some time back was due to the lockdown over Covid-19 pandemic which had led to shutdown of factories and production was put on hold, she stated.

As soon as the relaxation of lockdown was enforced, the department stepped up its effort to procure fertilizers and approached the government of India. Chief minister N Biren responded fervently to the endeavor and forwarded a DO letter to the concerned union minister, she said.

But after some relaxation of lockdown, the department has tried its best effort and approached the Government of India and CM N. Biren Singh himself also gave its best support and wrote a Demi Official (DO) letter to the concerned Union Minister of India.

The department has successfully brought three rakes of fertilizers to the state till date, though the target was to bring in six rakes. Another two rakes were on the way but unfortunately due to landslide, the movement of the fertilizers was put on hold and subsequently as the railway officials informed that the fertilizers cannot be held in the rain for a long time so permission was taken from the Government of India. The two wrecks of fertilizers were diverted to Assam under the condition of replacement after the road condition is improved.

Now after the road condition stabilized, the two wrecks of fertilizers was supposed to arrive from Jiribam at 5.00 pm but unfortunately there was another delay again due to another landslide, she stated adding that the fertilizers will instead be reaching in the next 2-3days. Giving her full assurance that there will be no shortages of fertilizers this year she appealed to all farmers’ bodies not to panic over a fertilizer crisis.

The distribution of fertilizers is currently going on in four valley districts, Imphal East, Imphal West, Bishnupur and Thoubal. The distribution had started on June 16 even on general holiday yesterday, added the director.

She appealed to all land owners of the tenant farmers to hand over the original Jamabandi to the latter but if the owners see merit in collecting the fertilizers themselves, they can do so. If there is inconvenience for the paddy field owners to come to collect, then a Xerox copy of Jamabandi can be handed over to the tenant farmers by providing details by writing down Daag no, Patta no and size of area of the paddy field in one of the corners along with name in capital letters. This is only for the purpose of fertilizers issuance not for any other purpose. As for Manipur, two doses are needed in one acre (one Sangam) which is 30 kgs each.

There are some problems that have arose for distributions of fertilizers in some districts for the non patta holder farmers, where the owner cannot change into his own name though they have been working in the paddy fields for the last many years. Such problems have been happening in some districts like Bishnupur and others. She said that the fertilizers will be distributed to all those non patta holders’ farmers but the distribution of fertilizers will be under a process that is firstly the concerned extension officers will visit for a spot verification and collect all the other details. The department is in the process of collecting that information. The concerned department will be giving its best effort to distribute and provide all necessary fertilizers. Now the fertilizers are on the way so farmers should not panic, she said.

She appealed to all farmers to be kindly patient, and everyone who requires fertilizers can procure the urea at the state notified rate. She mentioned that the state notified rate of the fertilizers is Rs. 266.80, any individual cannot sell it for one penny more and if any individuals/persons is found selling more than the given rate then necessary action will be taken up by the department as it is empowered under essential commodities act.

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