Donation to CM’S COVID-19 Relief Fund continues

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Donations to CM’s COVID-19 Relief Fund are still coming from several organizations and individuals.

CAF & PD Contractor Association contributed Rs. 500,000, Manipur Legislative Assembly donated Rs. 500,010, ISTV Network contributed Rs. 300,000, MPSC 2016 Batch donated Rs. 50,000, Liangmai Naga Council contributed Rs. 50,000, Alumni Association, Bishnupur JNV donated Rs. 60,000, Shri Philem Rohan of Cycling for Humanity contributed Rs. 10,000, United Association of Recognized Schools of Manipur donated Rs. 200,000, Wakf Board contributed Rs. 50,000, Anbilish, Humane and Edu-Care Charitable Trust donated Rs. 140,000, Uipo (Khoibu) Marou Koukatuo (UMK) contributed Rs. 50,000, Bamon Kampu Badminton Committee donated Rs.50,000, Joint Teachers Forum, Manipur contributed Rs. 100,000, VDF Welfare Association donated Rs. 86,000, 15 LDC (1999) Batch Deputation Vacancy RD & PR contributed Rs. 50,000, Baroda Parents Association donated Rs. 40,000, Uripok Kendra COVID-19 Relief Committee contributed Rs. 50,000, Partnership Mission Society, Sielmat donated Rs. 100,000, North America Manipuri Association contributed Rs. 187,150, and Samadon Maruti donated Rs. 50,000.

Biren has expressed gratitude to all the organizations and individuals who have contributed to the fund till date.

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