Do high profile individuals have separate protocol for COVID-19, questions Joykishan

Do high profile individuals have separate protocol for COVID-19, questions Joykishan

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IMPHAL: Expressing serious concern over many VIPs who had failed to observe proper quarantine protocols after returning from other states, firebrand Opposition MLA Khumukcham Joykishan has questioned the Government whether the high profile persons like political leaders, ministers have either separate quarantine protocols or they can come and go with impunity.

Addressing reporters at his Khoyathong residence, MLA Kh Joykishan stated that the people and the state Government seemed to loosen the grip despite gradual surge in COVID-19 infection in the state.

So far, the state has recorded nearly 2000 COVID-19 confirmed cases, which is a big number for a tiny state like Manipur with relatively less population. It is high time the Government maintains the proper SOPs and protocols to prevent spread of the deadly virus. Government should ensure that all individuals, irrespective of class, caste, religion, power and positions follow the protocols.

It is a well-known fact that COVID-19 is deadly virus which transmits from man to man and that there is no guarantee that the virus will not transmit from VIP to layman, the MLA said and questioned if there is separate protocols for the high profile persons, police, doctors, laymen and so on.

It is well known fact that local spread of COVID-19 has started in the state thereby affecting even health care workers, doctors, quarantine centre volunteers among others. The recent case of Jiribam is a clear evidence of the local transmission, he mentioned.

The people including the MLA himself have been left in confusion about the protocol laid for the high profile persons who return to the state. Recently, some ministers including the Chief Minister, political leaders returning to the state after meeting with Central leaders like Amit Shah. They were reportedly sent to home quarantine after being screened at Imphal airport. It is also rumoured that such VIPs interacted with the people, the MLA said and questioned if it is permissible whether such VIPs interact with the people after just returning from other states and undergoing test at Imphal Airport without undergoing Home quarantine for a few days.

Reiterating that observing strict protocols and precautions is of utmost urgency in the prevailing scenario, he said that the state will be left in a disastrous situation when things go out of hand. He also expressed concern on the people loosening grip at such crucial hour when the state is seeing rapid surge in COVID-19 infection.

The MLA lauded the step of the Chief Minister to combat COVID-19 by constituting State level consultative committee on COVID-19 with the objective of seeking expert opinions from all including the opposition. He, however, slammed some responsible ministers who had abstained from the Consultative committee meeting for political reasons. It is clear evidence that some ministers in the Government are irresponsible and that they intend to blame the Chief Minister when COVID-19 explodes in the state out of hand. It is not a convenient time for the ministers and MLAs of the ruling Government engaged themselves in blame game for political reasons. Opposition is doing its best part in such crucial time, he maintained. 

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