Distribution of Relief Material, Essential Commodities Continue

TMB Report

Bishnupur: Distribution of relief materials and essential commodities to deprived families under Bishnupur District due to the lockdown imposed against Covid-19, is still continuing.

As solidarity to the initiatives taken up by the State Government to fight against Covid-19, Covid-19 Combat Team of Social Worker Shanjoy Ahanthem has distributed essential commodities to the elderly persons residing in an Old Aged Home in Kumbi who are facing hardship and conveniences due to the Covip-19 lockdown.

The team handed over edible items, including drinking waters, cooking oils, pulses, etc. as well as face masks to protect themselves from Covid-19 at their homes.

The team is also continuing to distribute face masks at Wangoo Sabal of Kumbi A/C free of costs.

Founder of the old aged home Ima Ibempishak expressed gratitude to Shanjoy Ahanthem of Wango Sabal for his valuable contribution and help to the home.

Meanwhile, People’s Resource Development Association Bishnupur and Manipur Voluntary Health Association Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal have jointly distributed essential commodities like rice, cooking oil, potatoes, salt and other items to the families of different villages under Bishnupur District.

On Thursday, the essential commodities was distributed to the selected deprived families of Kordak, Nongmaikhong under Thanga A/C and Haotak under Kumbi A/C while on Wednesday the same was distributed at Tangjeng under Kumbi A/C and Nambol Naorem under Nambol A/C.

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